ucaresystem core 4.2 released with bugfix for Linux Mint and EOLupgrades for Ubuntu

Just a quick update, I have pushed a new version of ucaresystem core to the PPA. The new release fixes a bug in Linux Mint and also adds a new feature - EOL Upgrades
As you may already know the ucaresystem app is an automation script that automatically and without asking for your intervention performs some crucial Ubuntu maintenance processes, which otherwise would be done one by one and pressing Y / N each time. Read more about it on my previous post.

Thanks to the feedback I received, I fixed a bug in ucaresystem core that prevented the upgrades. Instead the bug was showing the usage of apt.

Also, for Ubuntu users that are stuck on a version that has reached EOL I added a -eoloption that when invoked it will help the upgrade procedure to the next supported version. Pleas read the official notes for EOL Upgrades.


If you have been using the ucaresystem for years, or it is the first time you use it, leave a comment with your experience. If you spot a bug or have a request please open an Issue:
As always, If you've found it useful and saved you time and you think it is worth of your support, you can make a donation via PayPal by clicking on the following:



  1. I hope it will reduce my time and also i dont like the Yes or No options in the server. Let me try this one.


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