Steam for Linux client current status

Steam for Linux client is currently under a closed-beta phase, while interal beta-testers are providing the necessary feedback for Valve.

The client targets Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and is fully featured with access to the Steam Store, your Linux game Library, your Friends list and Community content. In addition to the client, a varied selection of Linux games is available for purchase and download.

Utappia as being a part of Steam's limited closed beta, we will provide you some spoilers regarding the current status, reported issues, known bugs and troubleshooting. Every beta tester has to open an "Issue Report" inside Linux discussions accessible only to limited beta testers. They should provide a detailed description of the issue, including any output from the command line or crash logs generated by the issue. Secondly, enumerate the step for reproducing the issue and last but certainly not least tell some information about their system's hardware. So that what is happening right now into Valve's internal discussion forums.

Installation related

"Kubuntu issue"

Installing the Steam for Linux .deb package on Kubuntu 64 bit requires gdebi. First, install the gdebi-core package (apt-get install gdebi-core) and then install the Steam for Linux package (gdebi steam.deb)

Graphics related

The Catalyst 12.11 AMD graphics card driver is currently in the "precise-proposed" repository and hasn't been promoted at this time. This is part of a vetting process controlled by Canonical. You can enable this repository by opening Ubuntu Software Center, selecting Edit | Software sources... and then enabling the Pre-released updates option on the Updates tab.

In some cases, jockey-text -l causes a crash. The crash fix is in "precise-proposed" and hasn't been promoted out of that yet. This is part of a vetting process controlled by Canonical.

Unity/Desktop related

CCSM: Performance for games running in full-screen mode can be improved by checking the Undirect Fullscreen Windows option (located by clicking the Composite button from the main page). This prevents CCSM from drawing each frame off-screen and then copying to the active window. CCSM: Performance for games running in windowed mode are affected by some settings in CCSM and Unity. To improve performance, use a desktop environment other than Unity.

For Ubuntu 12.04, the default behavior of the Alt key displays the Unity HUD. If pressed during game play, this forces the game screen to be minimized. The solution is to disable or remap the Alt key by using the Shortcuts tab on theKeyboard dialog.

If you are using Ubuntu Unity 3D with an NVIDIA card, install the 310.14 driver. This driver has workarounds for extreme jitter in OpenGL applications (only applies to windowed applications if you have Undirect Fullscreen Windows enabled in CCSM) and additional fixes for Steam client performance.

If you are using the KDE desktop, disable desktop effects or set to XRender. Failure to do so will result in frame time jitter as well as performance problems when the game is running composited (i.e. windowed or Undirect Fullscreen Windows disabled). Another solution is to install the following patch

In addition to these, there are more bugs and problems related to games, such as Team Fortress 2 beta and Serious Sam 3. All people there are trying for the best. Great to see gaming support in Linux!


  1. Be carefull!!!Hybrid amd/intel still doesn't work with fglrx!!!

  2. Steam Beta Bumblebee Support

    Seems that sense an update on Steam yesterday Steam now Automatically starts games up using Bumblebee.

    Because all of the sudden all of the games just run perfectly fast just starting them from Steam itself.

    No need for any terminal command like:
    LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/Steam/ubuntu12_32 optirun ~/Steam/SteamApps/common/$GAMEYOUWANTTOPLAY/$NAMEOFTHEIRBINARYFILE

    Not sure if it also requires Primus to be installed, but I do have Primus on my pc.


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