How to Install nVIDIA 304.43 with one click

Yesterday, we've informed you about the latest nVIDIA driver 304.43. Today, we show you how to install them using our script that automatically configures your Ubuntu system. Click to the button bellow to learn how you can use our script.

[button color="orange" link=""]Download Installer[/button]

[youtube id="ZxweogK3yBw" width="600" height="350"]

After the reboot, open Dash and type "nvidia". Using this tool you can configure all these nvidia settings :)

btw you can use our script to unistall the drivers (in case you have problems).

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  1. I just used the installer and i have one question . Is it really necesarry for xorg-edgers to install the 3.5 kernel??

  2. I just tried to use this installer with a GTX 670. It does not see the card. It detects something from VMWare and then gives the option to either fix the current drivers or quit. Bummer....

  3. Great !! Now try to run the script again and there will be a new option for installing the new proprietary drivers. Let me know if it works.

  4. are you sure about that ?
    type uname -r and check your kernel release.

  5. bill@Empires:~$ uname -r

    Now i'm with 3.5 but its kind of strange for this to happen

  6. Strange.. I've just run the script again and I am with 3.2 Kernel. Basically, it says: "The following packages have been kept back:
    libgl1-mesa-dri linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic

    However, if you take a look to

    the kernel 3.5 has released yesterday. Have you changed any sources properties or something ?

    Anyway, I will check this deeper and come back at you :) Thanks for the feedback Vasilis.

  7. And the strangest things are yet to come. After removing the 3.5 Kernel it didnt come up on the update manager like the first time after the installer exit and reboot. Strange things . Now i'm back on 3.2.0-29 and no updates whatsoever.

  8. No i haven't and thats the strangest part. Anyway now everything works fine. Keep up the good work :)

  9. Just tried running the script a few times on a fresh install of 12.04. Second pass, it saw Nvidia and gave the option of installing proprietary drivers. After a reboot, the GUI remained broken, with only the shell working. Nouveau re-install worked to bring back the GUI. It looks like an awesome script! This is definitely my fault for getting an X79 motherboard. It seems Ubuntu can be tricky with new hardware.

  10. Perhaps Xorg-Edgers PPA is too "xtreme". I will modify the script to give you the option to select between X-Swat (stable) and Xorg-Edgers (beta). Currently it uses Xorg-edgers PPA, which is a possible reason for your X break.

    Please notice that this is just the 1st version of this script. Thanks very much for the feedback :)

  11. You saved my day! Worked perfectly on my Dell Optiplex740 with AsusGX520 Silent and Ubuntustudio 12.04

  12. Hello Sir...

    Nice tutorial...

    I want yo ask one question..

    My software updater already has this update showing to install...

    So should I use it along with many other updates that are listed on update manager..??

    The changers are like this ...

    Changes for the versions:
    Installed version: 304.37-0ubuntu1~precise~xup1
    Available version: 304.43-0ubuntu1~precise~xup1

    Thank You :)

  13. Running the script will automatically update your version to 304.43 along with some proper configuration. Although, if you want to play on the "safe" road please feel free to use the update manager method. Thanks for your kind words :)

  14. Thank you, worked great! I was fighting through getting 304.43 installed. I had downloaded the driver from nVidia and while searching how to kill nVidia X found this. This was a lot simpler, and gives me a restore from Terminal if things go wrong. Thanks again.

  15. Do you have laptop using hybrid graphics ?
    The script quits itself automatically without asking you if you want to install proprietary or install/update proprietary ?

  16. Hybrid graphics what is that? :) and i have intel Hd graphics but when i go to properties it doesn't show any drivers

  17. Hybrid graphics are when you when Intel HD Graphics embedded to the CPU (Core i3/i5/i7) and an additional discrete GPU such as nVIDIA GTX blahblah.

    You have to use the open source driver called Bumblebee. This script is not supporting hybrid graphics yet.


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