Optimus Kernel 3.3.4 released

You can download the latest version of Optimus Kernel which is based on the following recipes :

  • Linux 3.3.4(if you have proprietary graphic card drivers installed in your system *you may need to reinstall them after the installation of the new kernel release)

  • Ubuntu/Debian patchsets

  • BFS and BFQ patches

  • In-house optimizations

Go Grab your Packages from the Download Page>>>>>

Optimus Change log :

  • Rebuild and synced with 3.3.4 vanilla Linux kernel (for what is included please read the kernel log on website)

  • Removed Optimize for size

  • Compiling using CCASHE

  • Compilling with -O2 instead of -Os gcc options

  • Removed Partition types exept PC BIOS, Winodws Logiacal M. , EFI

  • Removed Control Group support

  • Removed Support for PCI hotplug

  • Removed Token ring driver support

  • Removed ATM drivers

  • Removed Infiniband support


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