Combine Dropbox with Ubuntu One

Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by Dropbox, Inc. which uses cloud computing to enable users to store and share files and folders with others across the Internet using file synchronization. There are both free and paid services, each with varying options; the service is cross-platform, with client programs available for several different operating systems as well as a Web-based client.

On the other hand Ubuntu One is a storage application and service operated by Canonical Ltd and is installed by default in Ubuntu Linux 9.10. What sets Ubuntu One apart from the other similar service providers are additional features like the integration with other services. Examples for these features are integration with Evolution for contacts and with Tomboy for notes due to the access to the local CouchDB instance. Further possibilities include the capability of editing the contacts, as well as the Tomboy notes, online via the Ubuntu One Web interface. Currently there are more features planned like enabling users to share files over the local network (instead of using the Ubuntu One Cloud), or synchronizing Firefox Bookmarks with Ubuntu One. Canonical partnered with 7digital in 2010 and will include a music store into Ubuntu 10.04 named Ubuntu One Music Store which will be integrated with Ubuntu One. The music store is currently in public beta.

Until Ubuntu was published, I was using Dropbox to share files with friends and my other computers. Because of the promising features coming in Ubuntu one, I've enabled it for daily use.

What I did was, to combine Dropbox with Ubuntu One.... so that I have my files in one place and use them in Dropbox and Ubuntu One. To make that possible just follow this simple hack that I made:

  1. Create an account and Download Dropbox

  2. During installation, don't use the default place of Dropbox folder. Just give the path of Ubuntu One folder,

  3. After this, you will see a folder named Dropbox inside Ubuntu One

  4. Done.

This way, any change you make in Dropbox folder, it will also be available in Ubuntu One folder.

I use Dropbox on all my computers and I have to say that it's extremely useful, although the chief feature for me is cross-platform support. This is presently lacking from Ubuntu One. Also, if you have more space in Dropbox you can put use a Symlink of Ubuntu One inside Dropbox folder. This way, you can link in files or folders from outside of Dropbox both and make them available in multiple Operating Systems.

  1. Right click Ubuntu One folder, and select " Make link"

  2. Put the created link folder inside Dropbox

  3. Done.

This way, any change you make in the original Ubuntu One folder, it will also be available in Dropbox folder.

Enjoy the new era of Cloud Computing !!!


  1. Yes, but combining the two will limit your free file sharing space in the cloud to the smaller of the two. Keeping them separate gives you more space.

    Another approach is to run a webserver. Take a look at http;// for example. Of course this requires that the host machine or device be online for file sharing to work, but this is often the case.

  2. Awesome idea, i like and try as your write that...

  3. Thats fairly, true Don. As I mentioned, chief feature for me is cross-platform support. Because this is presently lacking from Ubuntu One I had to find a way to have my files in any platform I want. That's why I had to "sacrifice" some space :) .

    Thanks for your comment.

  4. Thanks, very helpful!


  5. I am glad to be helping you Brendan !


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