Migration to blogger complete but some links are broken

I've finally found some time to migrate this blog over to blogger, but some things are still broken.

ucaresystem core 4.4.0 : Pkexec, check for reboot and minor fix

The new release 4.4.0 of ucaresystem core introduces two internal but important features and a minor bug fix for Debian Jessie. Let's check them out...

ucaresystem core 4.3.0 : Launch it from from your applications menu

The 4.3.0 introduces a menu icon and a launcher for ucaresystem-core. Once installed or updated, you will find a uCareSystem Core entry in your menu that you can click if you want to launch ucaresystem-core.

ucaresystem core 4.2.3 : One installer for Ubuntu and Debian baseddistributions

I am pleased to announce that ucaresystem core version 4.2.3 has been released with some cool features. Now either you have an Ubuntu or Debian based distribution, you just need only one deb package installer.

ucaresystem core 4.2 released with bugfix for Linux Mint and EOLupgrades for Ubuntu

Just a quick update, I have pushed a new version of ucaresystem core to the PPA . The new release fixes a bug in Linux Mint and also adds a new feature - EOL Upgrades

ucaresystem Core v4.0 : Added option to upgrade Ubuntu to the nextrelease

Since Ubuntu 17.10 has just been released, I have added new feature to the ucaresystem Core that can be used by the user to upgrade his distribution to the next stable version or optionally to the next development version of Ubuntu.

Donations report 2016-2017

I would like personally to thank all the users who donated to my projects. Here is a quick report of all the people who have donated.